Cocks Are People Too.....
Save the Cocks! is an organization in the Paso Robles area that rescues roosters from animal shelters & then adopts the roosters out to good homes. We mainly adopt out roosters to be boyfriends to your backyard chicken girls, but we also adopt out rooster only flocks for sustainable pest control on properties (for vineyards, orchards & horse ranches too.)

A note from our founder, Sarah:
There’s a wonderful trend now of many folks wanting quaint backyard chickens for fresh farm eggs. The sustainability movement has done an excellent job in educating folks about the importance of providing a good life for chickens rather than supporting the factory farm industry. But everyone seems to be focused on getting hens for the eggs, while leaving the other 50% of chickens out of the equation. Yes, we’re talking about roosters! You are not being truly sustainable or promoting natural chicken keeping without having at least a few ‘roos in your flock. I feel that most folks do not realize how roosters are facing massive overpopulation issues and are quietly suffering because people are focused on what they can get from the chickens vs. what is right for the chicken flock and the chicken species in general. A happy & balanced chicken flock has roosters in it, playing the role of protector and food finder for the hens. It’s amazing how my girls look to my boys and follow them all over the yard. It is so magical to see the true dynamic of a mixed chicken flock - I could watch them for hours!

Yes, there are many city ordinances that prevent folks from keeping roosters but if you are allowed to have them, we’ll tell you why you NEED them! From being boyfriends to your hens, helping with pest control on the property, and the charming crowing (which almost everyone loves and can be managed to keep things quieter ) HOW BORING to not have roosters! 

Sadly, roosters get quite the bad rap out there. Many folks think all roosters are aggressive, that they attack people and fight to the death amongst themselves - this is just simply NOT true. I’ve fostered easily over 200 roosters at this point -  let me tell you why they are so amazingly special and why you need one. And for wineries & ranches, I’ll tell you why having a flock of only roosters can be *so* helpful for your property. Let’s give roosters a job and save many lives by doing so!

Honestly, our modern society is MISSING OUT by not being more in touch with nature - especially in regards to roosters. It’s time to bring them back into our daily lives. I’ll show you how :)

Thanks so much for caring about the boys! Sarah
Save the Cocks!
rescue a rooster & save a life
SAVE THE COCKS!!! Templeton, CA
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Save the Cocks! only works with city shelters - helping them place roosters out in the country. If you have a rooster that needs to be placed, you can place him yourself! It’s quite easy actually, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Take a fabulous photo of your boy outside, in beautiful lighting that shows him at his best. Use instagram or any other graphics to spice up the photo.
Write up a bio on him so that folks can learn about his amazing charismatic and regal personality
Post this online on craigslist, Facebook, Twitter page & any other websites you have access to - ask folks to crosspost. Use hashtags and keywords so that people can find your post more easily. Also post in multiple places, far outside your area. If you are in the Bay Area or LA area, you will need to place ads in country land that may be a few hours away from where you live. Find out where people can have and would want roosters.
Make up fliers that can be hung at feed stores, places you know that are more “country,” as well as local pets store
Screen the home over the phone. Believe me, you usually know within a few minutes if the person you are talking to will provide a good home or not. Be sure to drop your rooster off to their home to make sure your ‘roo is going to a good place - be willing to drive a long way if necessary! If you charge an adoption fee, keep it low. Focus more on screening the home vs. trying to make money off your boy. Believe me, you can tell pretty quickly just by talking to them for a few minutes if they will provide a good home for your rooster. 
For a $5 donation to our cause (via Paypal) we’ll post your rooster as “Other Available Roosters” on our site. Asking for a donation as posting does take time and we do our best to advertise. Send us the photo of your ‘roo along with a bio about him & your contact info.

Thanks & good luck!!!

One of the best inventions ever! A humane collar that helps keep your rooster quiet. Yes you too can keep a rooster in an urban environment! You could even get one that is a bow tie! 


Save the Cocks! is now on GoFundMe! We’re raising $$ to get non-profit status, to start our own store for t-shirts, etc, and to of course rescue more roosters! Wouldn’t it be great if one day we had our very own 
COCK RANCH? Please help us out! You’ll get a COCKSTRONG wristbands for every $20 donated.  

You know you want one.


Matt, head brewer for Firestone Beer, rocking the COCKSTRONG wrist band.   
I just love this shot!


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